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We want to make working with us simple, efficient and rewarding.  From contracting to briefing and throughout our entire relationship with you.  Our job is to give you the time to do what you do best, whilst guiding and supporting you to grow and develop your business with confidence.



  • Every good relationship starts with a good brief, and we like to make sure ours are thorough and value creating

  • We ask for 1-2 hours of your time to allow us to get under the skin of how your business works, your challenges and your opportunities

  • This will help us define, prioritise and plan how we can create the most impact for you

  • The great thing is that you’re only doing this once – it’s up to us to make sure our whole team are up to speed and ready to give you their best



  • When you have an ad-hoc support need, you can contact us via your dedicated WhatsApp group, by phone, by videocall or by email

  • We’ll review your request and recommend the right consultant (or team) to
    help you

  • Your lead consultant will contact you to understand your need in more detail, give you an estimate of time to be drawn from your timebank and book in the work



  • Our team know how precious your time is so we actively promote a really practical and efficient way of offering support – from Support Calls to Lightning Workshops to handover tasks such as proposal / contract reviews or marketing plans

  • We’re more focused on action than paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about having to spend time wading through slides and slides of PowerPoint (unless that’s what you need of course!)

  • Once we’ve completed your support request, we’ll ask you for a ‘thumbs up’ and deduct the time used from your timebank



  • You’ll work with a dedicated Account Manager whose role is to ensure you’re getting the most out of your relationship with us and give you a single point of contact to keep things simple and efficient

  • You’ll have access to realtime reporting of your usage, allowing you to keep track of the contracted hours used each month and how you’re using them to help ensure you’re on the right monthly package for your needs

  • If you're unsure of who your next hire should be, our usage data can help you understand the skills you're missing the most

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