Nicky Walker

Niamh Cavlan

Following a successful career with a global experience design agency, Nicky decided to put her experience to good use helping small and growing businesses as a freelance Business Consultant.  Niamh’s business, Volition Consulting, was flourishing and her years of expertise in using data to guide decision making and improve performance was needed more than ever in a world where consumer behaviours had changed overnight. 

It was then that we uncovered a problem that seemed to be affecting many small businesses; their leaders didn’t know where to turn for senior level expertise across the wide range of skills needed to grow a successful company.  Between us we offered some of those skills, but if we truly wanted to make an impact for our clients, we needed to listen, learn and create something more useful and relevant, and based on their varied, complex and ever changing needs.  And so, the Business Support Collective was born.

Thankfully, our excitement for doing things differently, and helping small businesses reach their potential proved to be infectious. We've created a team of exceptional people who are leaders in their field and want to offer their experience and skills to ensure our clients are getting the support they need and deserve.

If you’re a business leader of any kind, you’ll know that it can be a tough, and incredibly lonely place – even more so if you’re a small business.  Practical, pragmatic support is of course hugely helpful to help you grow and thrive.  But so is having someone on the end of a phone who truly cares about your business, is a sounding board for those tough decisions, who understands your challenges and celebrates your wins.  This is what we mean when we say support.  And we hope we can change the lives of many small business leaders through our work.


...we believe small businesses should have access to the same breadth and depth of skills and experience that big businesses can afford

...we know that running a business can be tough and lonely and sometimes you just need an hour or two from an expert to help solve a problem or generate ideas

...we believe that having access to specialist skills, at the right time, can help businesses make better decisions, saving time and money in the process

...we get a buzz from seeing others succeed

Our values guide everything we do; how we select the people we work with, and how we run our business.



We’re Empathetic

We practice what we preach.  Leaders need empathy more than ever before and by having empathy at the core of our business, we can help you get the most out of yours.  We listen, we understand, we encourage



We’re Pragmatic

Best practice is great.  It’s a useful guide to doing the right things and getting the right outcomes.  However, it can be easy to apply best practice in the corporate world, but in the world of small businesses, the reality of where you’re at has to be considered.  Sometimes we have to work with ‘best right now practice’



We’re Celebrators

We all get a huge buzz out of success, it’s why we’re good at what we do.  We’ll get an even bigger buzz out of your success and celebrating those achievements is always high on our to do lists

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